Replacement covers for all brands of buildings

Rush-Co Tailored Covers | Rushmore Replacement Covers

Damaged building roofs can ruin a building and cause serious issues with livestock or materials inside. Fortunately, Rushmore Buildings can quickly and affordably replace any canvas roof regardless of who the original manufacturer was.

Rushmore Buildings’ replacement covers are custom made to fit precisely and be installed in just minutes. We also offer curtains and fabric doors to replace existing ones or to up-grade your building for improved usability.

Just fill out our simple worksheet to get an accurate estimate and to keep your buildings doing the job you bought it for.  

Click Here for our replacement cover worksheet. 

All Rushmore replacement roofs, curtains and fabric doors are made in the USA of the highest-quality materials so they last longer and look better. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap with Rushmore Buildings.

Benefits of a Rushmore Replacement Cover:

  • Custom covers for the best look and fit
  • 12.5 oz. woven high-density polyethylene coated fabric cover
  • All connecting hardware and metal components are zinc-plated to resist corrosion
  • Cover draws over the framework in minutes
  • Low cost per square foot

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