Rush-Co Wind Energy Equipment Protection

Rush-Co Tailored Covers | Wind Energy Products, Affordable & Flexible 1

Affordable and flexible protection

Rush-Co offers innovative tarping and cover solutions for today’s growing wind energy industry. An expert in cover design and manufacturing for over 50 years, Rush-Co manufactures customized covers for transporting wind energy equipment as well as on-site storage of components. Contact us today to get a quote and lead time information at 1-866-776-5617.

Rush-Co wind energy equipment protection solutions offer:

  • Worldwide factory direct service
  • Ultimate product protection
  • Reusable high-performance fabric options
  • Heavy-duty component protection
  • Custom-built stationary storage protection
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Elimination of down time due to cleaning

Tower Covers

Rush-Co Tailored Covers | Wind Energy Products, Affordable & Flexible 2

Rush-Co tower covers provide superior protection for wind tower sections during the transportation process and for on-site storage at the manufacturing facility or wind farm location. Our experienced staff will work closely with you to develop a solution that balances the cost of the project with your expectations of performance.

On-Site Storage

Not all projects are completed on time; delays happen. Towers, nacelles, turbines and blades are not always put up immediately upon arrival. This creates a need for protecting your assets at the construction site, and Rush-Co has a variety of affordable options for stationary storage as well.

Nacelle, Turbine, Rotor and Blade Covers

Different designs and transportation methods call for different coverage methods. Rush -Co provides affordable and reusable covers – an ideal replacement for shrink wrap or other one-time use options you then have to discard. Tap into our extensive knowledge of fabric and material selections available for your particular tower cover needs.

For more information or a free estimate call 1-866-776-5617 or email us.