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High-Quality Construction

Before being chosen as being suitable for Rush-Co boat lift fabric, we lab tested and field tested a wide variety of fabrics from a worldwide list of industrial fabric manufacturers. We engineer boat lift canopies and curtain systems to precise dimensions while still offering extremely competitive pricing. Our dedication to stringent manufacturing controls makes Rush-Co boat lift canopies the best value on the market.

Our experienced employees have acquired their expertise in the manufacturing of boat lift canopies over the past 40 years and have the increased quality and productivity of these canopies through the addition of specialized and automated industrial production equipment in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Rush-Co Marine rigorous fabric testing include:

Wind whip
The rating is based on the fabric’s ability to resist wind whip. Samples were subjected to 60 mph winds.

Tear strength
The rating is based on the fabric’s strength to resist tearing. We only use fabrics with the highest ratings.

Coating adhesion strength
Adhesion measures the strength of the bond between the base fabric and coating to ensure a high degree of tear resistance.

Puncture testing
Puncture resistance plays a direct roll in preventing tears in your fabric. Only fabrics with tightly woven threads are used in Rush-Co covers.

UV resistance
We demand an even spread PVC coating on fabrics for optimal UV protection. This reduces the possibilities of color change or spotty fading.

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