Grain, Hay and Other Commodity Storage Buildings

Grain, Hay and Other Commodity Storage | Rushmore Buildings



Billions of dollars are lost every year because of poor external commodity storage. Preserve your feed and grain’s value and your profits with an easy-to-set-up and affordable Rushmore Building. Our fabric covered storage buildings provide the ideal conditions for storing everything from grain, hay and feed rations to salt, gravel and equipment.

The interior space in Rushmore Buildings is completely open and column-free with a high overhead clearance, allowing you to move equipment around freely and store more hay and grain than traditional buildings.

Benefits of a Rushmore Building for hay and grain storage use include:

  • Commodities remain protected from the elements
  • Insect control is improved
  • Most economical large building for commodities or livestock
  • Excellent air quality keeps hay and feed rations dry — prevents bacterial growth
  • Natural light and minimal corners are unappealing to rodents
  • High overhead clearance for equipment like augers, conveyors and grain handling equipment
  • High density polyethylene canvas roof blocks harmful UV rays and is thermally non-conductive
  • Hot dipped steel framework is non-corrosive

We also manufacture and sell replacement covers for all other brands of fabric covered buildings / canvas covered hoop barns. 

For information or a free estimate on a Rushmore Building hoop barn for hay or grain storage building, call us at 1-866-776-5617.