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A mono-tube Rushmore Building, fabric-covered hoop building provides an economical safe storage environment for a number of agriculture or industrial applications including machinery storage, protecting commodities from the environment, and general warehousing of property.

The wall mounted framing for this fabric covered shed is constructed from 2 3/8-inch to 3-inch 12-gauge tubing to create a strong, affordable and secure protective roof over your investment.

We also manufacture and sell replacement covers for all other brands of fabric covered buildings / canvas covered hoop barns. 

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Benefits of the Rush-Co Mono-Tube Buildings:

  • Easy to assemble
  • 12.5 oz. woven high-density polyethylene coated fabric cover
  • Connecting hardware is zinc-plated to resist corrosion
  • Ratchets offer a secure tie-down
  • End walls and doors are available
  • Cover draws over the framework in minutes
  • No internal columns to interfere with moving machinery
  • Huge energy saving due to little or no daytime lighting needs
  • Low cost per square foot as compared to other building types


  • Pony Wall Mount
  • 24′ wide — 6 ft intervals starting at 24 ft length
  • 30′ wide — 6 ft intervals starting at 30 ft length
  • 36′ wide — 5 ft intervals starting at 40 ft length

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24′ Building

30′ Building

36′ Building