Shelter Your Livestock with a Rushmore Building Hoop Barn

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Rushmore Buildings tension fabric buildings have become a popular option for beef and dairy operations due to their cost and labor-saving features as well as a more comfortable environment for your cattle – which translates into better herd health and higher profits for you.

A more productive livestock shelter for your herd

A tension fabric hoop barn benefits your feedlot operation by providing your livestock protection from severe weather, shade in the summer months and protection from harsh winds and temperatures throughout the winter.

  • Reduces herd stress from weather, increases feed efficiency and rate of gain in livestock
  • Wide-open and column-free spaces for ease of movement in the livestock barn
  • Superior ventilation and air flow
  • Woven, high-density polyethylene-coated fabric/canvas cover allows natural light in your hoop barn, saving on electrical costs
  • UV protection: your cattle building remains 15 to 20 degrees cooler in the summer and is an effective wind break in the winter
  • Reduces outside noise and diminishes indoor echoing compared to traditional buildings
  • Unlimited configuration possibilities for any size feedlot
  • Built with non-corrosive galvanized steel
  • Quick and easy to erect: fabric cover draws over the truss framework in minutes
  • Customization options: ridge vents, side curtains, open soffit eaves, endwalls, doors, 5-foot eaves for exterior feeding cover and more

We also manufacture and sell replacement covers for all other brands of fabric covered buildings / canvas covered hoop barns. 

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